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Performance, IKEA mirror white, 150cm*30cm

January, 2021

The Gaze

A journey with a broken mirror

Lacan’s mirror stage refers to a stage in infancy in which the infant sees its reflection in the mirror of a whole self as the true self. At the same time, the infant looks to the image of the adult parent (the other) and anticipates attaining the other’s perceived wholeness. This image “situates the agency known as the ego”

The ego, to Lacan, is a “function of misrecognition” that provides a false image of the self grounded in the image of the other.


Reading Rossetti’s THE MIRROR through Lacan’s Mirror Stage, 2008

Do I see the true ego in the mirror? Is my existence meaningful only because I am gazed by the other? Is the world just a false projection? All these questions are like a huge myth that bothers me. So I smashed a mirror and started my self pursuit journey with it.​ The broken mirror is just a medium, reflecting the blank, ignorant and arrogant face of human beings. Please follow me. 


Video screenshot

Chiswick House & Garden, London 12/2020


Video screenshot

Trafalgar Square, London 01/2021


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Kenwood House, London 01/2021

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The Regent's Park, London 01/2021

Corbin Donnelly

The Gaze

Performance,Ikea mirror white, 150cm*30cm

January, 2021

I have been looking at myself and the world in this broken mirror for a long time, with almost the same motionless posture. My encounter with the other is limited in this 30cm*150cm, narrow mirror, which is the life fragment and common memory we once shared. The spectators are constantly passing behind me, breaking into my life. At the moment, the mirror acts as both a catalyst and preacher, a congealed metaphor and a monumental vacancy between the ego and the other. In the process of gazing, I construct my understanding of the other by observing myself. The ego is the other, and the other is the ego.

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